You want to start selling antiques, but you don’t know where to start. First of all, you should not think that selling antiques necessarily means selling Renaissance paintings or statues, it is even very likely that you have antiques in your home. You can probably use them every day or even have them stored in a closet that you never touch. In this article we will take a look at some antiques that you can have in your home without even thinking about it.


Coins and notes

It’s probably something obvious that you never think enough about, but coins and banknotes can be quite a fortune, however, not all coins and banknotes are worth the same. However, some will be prepared to pay several hundred or even thousands of dollars for certain notes or coins. Every year in the USA, several specialized dollar sales take place in the country where the experts sell their rarest notes. What makes the price of a coin or a note is first and foremost its rarity, a typographical error, a reverse symbol or a word in the wrong place – details like this are worth gold to collectors. The age and condition of the note is also very important, the older and in good condition the more it will be worth.


Porcelain and agentry

Another thing you can have without using it is porcelain. If you have a full tea set it can be worth a fortune at auction. The same is true of silverware. The value of these goods is according to their condition and age. In general, you can see the year of creation as well as the company that created these assets, if it is a well-known company then your set can greatly increase in value.


Old toys

Old toys such as dolls or toys from some franchises made in limited quantities can be worth a lot, especially if their condition is like new. Collectors are very interested in having a toy that could complement their collection, so looking well maybe you have one that can get you a lot.



After having disappeared for several decades, the vinyl record made its big comeback among the general public, so much so that even new albums are released on vinyl. The big advantage is that many more people own vinyl record players and thus the number of buyers has greatly increased making the sale of this good much easier.



Finally, old jewelry has a lot of value among bidders for a twofold reason, firstly for the aesthetics of the jewelry itself, but also for its value in metal and precious stones. So if your old jewelry has visible damage it can still find a buyer, but of course, the more like-new the jewelry the more expensive it will sell.