If you need another reason to visit Florida for an exciting adventure other than theme parks, you will enjoy your time at McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary. It is located in West Palm Beach and offers a place where injured animals can go to receive treatment. Getting a tour here will give any animal enthusiast or anyone not familiar with different species of wildlife a greater appreciation for the hope that the sanctuary offers. 

 The sanctuary itself was founded by Mark McCarthy, who serves as the director. His passion and love for animals are what drove him to want to care for every animal that he crosses paths with that needs help. Making sure that the sick are taken care of before being released back into the wild is the goal of the sanctuary. Five hundred acres of land was purchased to make room for over 200 different varieties of animals. McCarthy’s work became famous once he ventured out to films, fashion shoots, and even commercials that featured the animals he was taking care of. Some of them were even featured in artwork by prestigious photographers. Educational programs for children were developed in hopes of teaching them the importance of nature. If we are going to preserve the balance then we must respect all of the animals. What they bring as a whole to the earth is critical for everyone’s survival. 

 If you want to visit McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary, you will have to book a tour. There are plenty of animals for you to pet, and you can specify which one is your favorite for a closer view. With plenty of animals to see this will be a fun learning experience for the whole family. 


McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary

Phone Number: 561-790-2116

 Address: 12943 61st St N, West Palm Beach, FL 33412