Known as one of the “ten most walkable neighborhoods in Florida”, Rosemary Square with all its exceptional elements is breathtaking. With most of the architecture is inspired by Mediterranean and Venetian components, this beautiful site with its lavish fountains and vibrant landscaping is eye-catching. 

 A creative community such as Rosemary Square brings uniqueness to a whole new level. With a grand taste for the arts, all will find studios that represent a plethora of performances. With eateries, theatre, residential opportunities, each step leads to an awe-inspiring surprise. Making its statement with undeniable creativity in its outdoor hallways that lead to new experiences, Rosemary Square is extraordinary. This exclusive neighborhood has developed a strong sense of character and community and enables visitors to lose themselves in the wonder of all it has to offer. Visit to see Rosemary Square and embrace a sense of the vibrant experience of this stunning neighborhood. 

 This community will unleash your inner creativity with an opportunity to interact with local artists on a large and innovative scale. Visitors can even relax and renew by participating in self-care, along with the ability to shop for your favorite self-care brands. This neighborhood is certainly more than one can imagine. The culinary arts are executed tastefully and deliciously to the palette, multitudes of entertainment and events, along with a Wishing Tree. The Wishing Tree is only one of the extraordinary attractions Rosemary Square has to offer. Beautifully lit in an array of colors, this tree is fairytale-like as it truly gives you a beautiful place to make a wish and touch your heart. 

 New-Age, lavish, a combination that is so unique with the variety of arts, culture, including residential areas, Rosemary Square is beyond phenomenal. 

Rosemary Square  in West Palm Beach, Florida

 Address: 700 S Rosemary Ave Suite 200, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

 Phone number: 561-366-1000