The Society of the Four Arts 

 This society is one of the finest available. The Society of the Four Arts has a beautiful campus of parks and buildings loaded with inspiring chances of growth in personal life, causing a man to bloom and appreciate the different arts. To do this The Society of the Four Arts hands people opportunities in art, music, drama, and literature, to anyone that wants to enjoy the riches. Much of it is free.

 What They Are Offering

 This group, The Society of the Four Arts has so much to offer; parks, libraries, concerts, discussions and lectures, and children’s programs. Free to all are two gardens, The Phillip Hulitar Sculpture Garden and The Four Arts Botanical Garden, both worth an afternoon of relaxation with flowers and foliage that awaken the mind.

 There are concerts of music and drama events, at the art gallery, there are rotating art shows of all different forms and styles. There are educational programs and discussions with leading experts. A children’s library is open to all children and they need not be from that area. Children are also offered games and crafts besides book reading sessions.

 What They Are About

 This society was founded in 1936 as a non-profit organization their goal to enrich lives. They also handle rental units, condos, homes, and studios for vacationers so they might enjoy the concerts or events, libraries, the grounds, and the area. 

 All in all, just discovering what is made available makes one want to be included in it, to become a member. The opportunity of membership makes tickets to events available early along with other benefits. They need donors; gifts are tax-deductible. Becoming a volunteer is an opportunity to work with this group. They can be found online at htttps://


The Society of The Four Art in Palm Beach, Florida

Address100 Four Arts Plaza, Palm Beach, FL 33480

Phone number: (561) 655-7227