Rinker Athletic Campus’s efforts to enhance sports, afford resources to the West Palm Beach community and its neighborhoods. 

The Marshall and Vera Lea Rinker Athletic Campus is a 78-acre college of the Palm Beach Atlantic (PBA) University domiciled just a short distance from its parent university in West Palm Beach, Florida. It is a vast campus that is dedicated to offering among the best amenities for a myriad of sporting activities such as lacrosse, softball, tennis, baseball, and soccer. The campus which also provides a stable and reliable home for Palm Beach Atlantic University’s track-and-field events and others of the university’s in-house activities was established with the input of John and Sheila Rinker through the Marshall and Vera Lea Rinker Foundation, among other contributors.

 The campus hosts the John and Sheila Rinker Sports Center, completed in 2017, which is now among the university’s most recognizable structures. Hosting conference rooms and offices for the staff, as well as other amenities, this center affords the campus the best facilities when it comes to fitness, indoor student wellbeing amenities, and other wellness resources. These, the students can as well use. The John and Sheila Rinker Sports Center was built in addition to other facilities on the campus, that include the Mitch Gornto Tennis Center that hosts 12 tennis courts for matches and one for championships, as well as a competition baseball field that is equipped with good lighting, a scorer’s tower, dugouts, a batting cage, and bleachers. 

 Other facilities hosted at the Marshall and Vera Lea Rinker Athletic Campus include fully equipped soccer fields for both practice and actual games, a softball field, an intramural softball field, and courts for basketball, sand volleyball, and racquetball. There are also locker rooms and lavatories for those using the sporting facilities. Keeping in mind its undertaking to afford, not just the West Palm Beach residents but also the surrounding communities as well, with the best resources, the Marshall and Vera Lea Rinker Athletic Campus has strived to do just that. This has largely been achieved through the Parker Avenue Consortium, a communal trust endeavoring to benefit the neighborhoods through pooling and providing access to resources for the community. 



Marshall and Vera Lea Rinker Athletic Campus in West Palm Beach, Florida

Address3401 Parker Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33405