It is common to want to sell an item that you no longer want, or to buy for resale and sometimes that item can be a collector’s item or an antique. For this kind of object, it is possible to be able to get a good price if you know what you want. Speed, ease of sale, better price, it is often easier to imagine than to make your first sales. However, this article will try to help you approach the sale or resale of an item.


1 / Establish the list of antique sales sites

A necessary step to start selling your antiques is to list the trusted sites to sell and buy your antiques. Not all sites are created equal and some specialize in certain niches or may not accept all of your goods. For example, at Napoleon’s Fine Art we specialize in all types of antiques.


2 / Define your price so that it remains attractive

Setting a price for your goods is not always as easy as it seems. If you rely on the prices of certain items sold years ago you may end up with a sale price that is too high and no sale concluded, or with a price that is too low and you will have a shortfall that can be considerable. The sale of antiques has exploded in recent years and many have entered this niche, and sometimes the competition has driven down the prices, so be careful, both selling and buying.


3 / Develop your visibility

To sell visibility is essential, no one can buy your goods if no one knows they are for sale. Investing a little in advertisements or posting on social networks and forums is a good way to gain visibility without spending too much and thus keep a sufficient profit.


4 / Sell with professionals

However, all this can take much longer than one can imagine and contacting a company that specializes in the sale of antique objects allows you, on the one hand, to benefit from better prices for the sale of your property. , but also to spend less time reselling them. If you go into selling antique items, it will save you time looking only for the best deals and thus make you more efficient. Napoléon’s Fine Arts specializes in the sale of antique objects, contact us today.