It may happen that some people wish to sell their antique items. Whether it is one by an inheritance that you cannot keep for lack of space, a previous purchase where you want to benefit from an added value or a gift that you no longer want, there may be many reasons for your decision. However, one question remains, How do I know if my antiques are worth money? In this article, we will see some points to observe in order to be able to assess whether your item is worth or not.


1 / Style, design and know-how

These characteristics will be specific to each object. It must be remembered that a handmade object will always be more or less unique in its making. The time spent by the craftsperson on style and design will be the main source of value of the object, so you should not only consider the size of your object, but the know-how that the craftsman had to make it. .


2 / Overall condition of the object and signs of wear

It goes without saying that the less traces an object has, the greater its value. It is also the raion for which you must keep your objects away from any source of danger, for example a painting must not be exposed to the sun and the collector’s pieces must remain in a place where they will not be subjected to potentials. scratches.


3 / Age

As a general rule, the older an object, the more valuable it will be. However, this must also be contrasted with the other parameters, so while seniority plays an important role, it is not everything. The age of an object can be seen by its appearance and the materials used to make it, for example.


4 / Rarity

A complementary aspect of seniority is scarcity. It is more likely that the older an object, the fewer objects there will be that are parallel to yours, although this rule is not always true, it should be kept in mind. It is possible to find an approximate value of your item on the internet by describing its main characteristics, but this will only remain an indication.


4 / Contact an expert

To assess the value of your item, it is best to speak to an expert. Even if it seems more complicated at first glance, the value of your item will be much more precise. In addition, the expert can help you sell your item if you want. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.